Press Release: Pick Justice Action Announces Winner of Sweepstakes

Date: April 30, 2020

Pick Justice Action Announces Winner of Sweepstakes

California Pick Justice Action, an organization of concerned citizens who support the rights of farm workers, announced the winner of their sweepstakes, which highlighted the anti-farm worker record of Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez-Fletcher. Participants answered questions at regarding how Gonzalez-Fletcher voted against giving farm workers the same bargaining rights that all other workers have, and the winner got every question right.

“We are happy to announce Sylvia Gonzalez as the winner of the Pick Justice Action sweepstakes,” said Pick Justice Action spokesperson Jesse Rojas. “Sylvia was able to correctly answer questions regarding the many anti-farm worker positions that Gonzalez-Fletcher has taken and the unacceptable record of the United Farm Workers union.” 

“I appreciate the opportunity to take part in the Pick Justice Action sweepstakes, as well as their advocacy on behalf of farm workers’ rights,” said Sylvia Gonzalez. “It is critical that organizations like Pick Justice Action continue to fight for disenfranchised communities and I look forward to using the sweepstakes winnings to continue giving back to my community as well, particularly supporting the non-profit organization I run.”

While the sweepstakes may have ended, Pick Justice Action will continue to shine a light on the record of politicians in Sacramento, particularly if they are taking votes and promoting policies that are bad for working-class families and immigrants. 

Learn more about the anti-farm worker record of Lorena Gonzalez-Fletcher at