Secretive Silas Shawver denies he was ‘fired in disgrace from ALRB’

Silas Shawver, the ALRB assistant general counsel who tried to prevent Gerawan workers from voting to de-certify the UFW, denies he had been “fired in disgrace from ALRB.”

In an email to Pick Justice, Shawver claimed that the characterization that he was “fired in disgrace from ALRB in 2015 for misconduct” is “completely false.”

He offered no proof of his claim.

Shawver was linked to the whistleblower scandal in the Visalia office that he directed. He left ALRB under a cloud in 2015 after Governor Jerry Brown fired his boss, general counsel Sylvia Torres-Guillen.

After nearly two years of silence, Shawver now claims he wasn’t fired.

“I freely resigned from my job and have never been subjected to any employee discipline,” Shawver claimed in an email to Pick Justice Chairman Jesse Rojas.

Shawver, an attorney, did not produce his resignation letter or information from his ALRB employee file to back up his claim.

Shawver insisted that we “remove” our characterization of him “immediately.”

As a courtesy, we have removed those specific references from

More denials amid ALRB secrecy
Shawver’s latest denial continues a pattern of ALRB figures either not commenting on questions about their controversial behavior, or denying allegations about their own wrongdoing, while enforcing an atmosphere of strict secrecy.

Journalists and farmworker advocates have been infuriated by ALRB secretiveness over the years, especially on questions relating to the ALRB’s collusion with the UFW, and to Silas Shawver specifically. ALRB secretiveness has reeked of coverup.

ALRB declined to answer 11 specific questions from, as well as from the Fresno Bee and Los Angeles Times.

Shawver was separated from the ALRB in 2015 after Governor Jerry Brown fired his boss, General Counsel Sylvia Torres-Guillen, amid a whistleblower scandal. Brown gave Torres-Guillen a soft landing without portfolio at his office until she landed a job at the ACLU.

The Los Angeles Times reported that Brown fired Torres-Guillen “a whistle-blower from the board’s Visalia office alleged that declarations from Gerawan workers in a case being handled by Torres Guillen were misleading or false,” the Times reported. Shawver had been director of the board’s Visalia office and the focal point of the ALRB abuse of power scandal.

“Torres-Guillén added that there was no connection between her departure and the Gerawan/UFW controversy,” the Fresno Bee reported.

However, the ALRB chairman and its spokesman refused to speak with the Fresno Bee about Torres-Guillen’s departure.

Shawver wouldn’t talk to the Bee, either: “Shawver did not return a call from The Bee seeking comment on potential bias in the General Counsel’s Office,” the Bee reported.