Senator Harris hires UFW hack to run Fresno office

A longtime UFW hack is running Senator Kamala Harris’ office in Fresno.

Matt Rogers will be Harris’ “ears” as he runs the senator’s regional office, the Bakersfield Californian reports.

The article describes Rogers as “a fixture in the Fresno County Democratic Party who has been hired to be those ears,” but does not describe Rogers’ longstanding relationship with the UFW.

Instead, it shows Rogers as an open-minded local. “Rogers said his mission is to not let party lines separate citizens from their senator. Harris gave him that mission,” the article says.

“She was very clear that our door was open to everybody. It’s not just open to one party,” Rogers said of Senator Harris. “We’ve reached out to both Republican and Democratic (political) offices. That’s out how you truly get things done.”

We’ll see how sincere he is when we ask him to be fair to the 99% of California farmworkers who want nothing to do with the UFW.

Senator Harris’ Fresno office, the Californian reports helpfully, “can be reached at 559-497-5109.”