Senator says ‘corrupt’ ALRB is ‘not helping the people at the bottom of the chain’

For the first time in history, lawmakers denounced the ALRB from the Senate floor as a “corrupt” organization.

“Unfortunately, the ALRB has turned its back on farm workers and now sees its number-one job as a shill for the UFW,” said Senator Andy Vidak (R-Hanford) during the party-line vote to confirm disgraced ALRB board member Genevieve Shiroma to an unprecedented fourth term.

“The ALRB has become corrupt and not helping the people at the bottom of the chain as was originally intended,” Vidak said, according to the Sacramento Bee.

That comment, according to the Bee, “drew an audible ‘ooh’ in the Senate chamber as he closed his scathing remarks with a quote from Cesar Chavez, the late founder of UFW.”

The Bee didn’t repeat the Chavez quote, but Senator Vidak posted it in a statement on his website:

“From the depth of need and despair, people can work together, can organize themselves to solve their own problems and fill their own needs with dignity and strength… I’m not going to ask for anything unless the workers want it, they’ll ask for it.”

“The farmworkers have repeatedly asked to not have union representation,” Vidak said. “How many times should they have to tell the ALRB/UFW no?

“Ms. Shiroma should not have been confirmed.”

“It’s time for her to retire,” said Senator Tom Berryhill. “She’s been on that board a long time.”