Shawver in ethical dilemma as ALRB-UFW lawyer

Silas Shawver, the UFW militant who left the ALRB under a cloud last year, only to be secretly rehired this fall, is in an ethical dilemma as ALRB Deputy General Counsel.

Shawver is:

  • a UFW loyalist;
  • a state official sworn to be impartial while advocating for farmworkers;
  • the seniormost state official who tried to prevent Gerawan farmworkers from voting to decertify the UFW in 2013;
  • the state official who prevented the farmworkers’ votes from being counted, and locked them in a safe to save the UFW from defeat;
  • one of the ALRB officials who was was either fired or resigned under a cloud last year over alleged misconduct in his office;
  • the new ALRB Deputy General Counsel who:
  • acts as prosecutor of farmworkers and employers, illegally on UFW’s behalf, on cases before the ALRB Administrative Law Judge;
  • is working to validate his 2013 attempts to disenfranchise the mostly Latino farmworkers from voting to decertify the UFW.
  • at the center of all ALRB legal matters – wrongdoer, witness, prosecutor, and quasi-judge – concerning farmworker voter suppression.