Silvia Lopez unmasks 3rd UFW fake Gerawan farmworker

Pick Justice leader Silvia Lopez interviews a UFW activist and exposes him as a fake Gerawan worker.

A third UFW person has been caught masquerading as a Gerawan Farming worker.


he individual, whose name is not known, was part of the small UFW contingent protesting at the California Supreme Court on September 5, as a hearing began on whether the state can force UFW contracts on workers who don’t want them.

Pick Justice activists – all real farmworkers employed at Gerawan Farming – called out to the UFW marchers to ask who was from Gerawan.

One of them, a young man, said he was, and held up four fingers to say he has been a Gerawan employee for four years.

The UFW man seemed cheerful and sincere. Pick Justice leader Silvia Lopez questioned him on the steps, with her camera phone recording the video. She grilled him about where he worked and about the name of his mayordomo, or supervisor. The fake Gerawan worker slipped up and fumbled over the supervisor’s name. He said that the workers had voted for a UFW contract – which they had not. Silvia kept prodding.

Finally, he mumbled that he didn’t work at Gerawan after all.

One of his UFW mates told him to quit, and gestured for him to come up the stairs.

The UFW used one fake Gerawan farmworker to promote a petition drive; Pick Justice exposed that fraud and UFW pulled it down from its website and social media. UFW then used a second fake Gerawan worker as part of its preparation for the September 5 Supreme Court protest.

The video is on Pick Justice’s Facebook page. See the video below. The conversation takes place at about -1:09. Start a little earlier to see the surveys of how long each Pick Justice worker has been at Gerawan.