UFW activist Shawver not listed on public version of ALRB staff directory

The ALRB has not listed Deputy General Counsel Silas Shawver on the public version of its staff directory, raising more questions about why the agency remains so secretive.

ALRB’s public staff directory hides Silas Shawver as Deputy General Counsel.

Shawver is a United Farm Workers (UFW) activist attorney who was removed from ALRB in 2015, after Governor Jerry Brown purged the ALRB General Counsel’s office for possibly illegal bias toward a favored union.

The activist lawyer has been gunning against farmworkers who don’t want to recognize the UFW as their labor representative.

He tried to prevent Gerawan farmworkers from voting to decertify the UFW in 2013. Then he supervised their vote, prevented their ballots from being counted, and took physical possession of those ballots.

Shawver is believed to be part of an illegal effort to deceive the three-person ALRB board into taking legal action – an effort that prompted Brown to fire ALRB General Counsel Sylvia Torres-Guillen in June, 2015.

Shawver left the ALRB shortly after under mysterious circumstances. The ALRB has kept those details secret from the public.