UFW backs ‘overwhelming establishment favorite’ for US Senate

The United Farm Workers (UFW) has backed what the Los Angeles Times calls the “overwhelming establishment favorite” for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Barbara Boxer. The UFW is supporting candidate Kamala Harris against Loretta Sanchez.

That says a lot about the UFW, which represents only 1 percent of California farmworkers but claims to represent them all. The UFW endorsed Wall Street favorite Hillary Clinton during the California Democratic presidential primary against people’s candidate Bernie Sanders.

Lots of progressives in California have criticized Huerta for her collusion with the Washington-New York political establishment machine.

Rosario Dawson rips Huerta as ‘instrument of the establishment’

Actress Rosario Dawson, who played UFW co-founder Dolores Huerta in a movie, slammed Huerta for having become an “instrument of the establishment.”

“Dolores, I am surprised, dismayed, and concerned that you would do your legacy such a disservice by becoming an instrument of the establishment, rather than joining this movement to create a better America like you once inspired us to do,” Dawson wrote in an open letter published in the Huffington Post.

Dawson said she can’t believe that Huerta is “the same woman who has made it her life’s mission to speak the truth and shed light on corruption, lies, and false narratives created by the corporate elite and special interest groups, would now suddenly create a narrative that distorts facts and misguides American voters.”