UFW can’t recruit 1 busload of Gerawan protesters, so it raises money to pay surrogates

So few Gerawan farmworkers support the UFW that the union can’t recruit enough to fill a single bus.

Instead, UFW is raising money to send six busloads of other workers (or people pretending to be real farmworkers) to San Francisco on September 5 to protest outside the state Supreme Court.

“The UFW is pretty much admitting that it doesn’t have any support among 5,000 Gerawan farmworkers,” observed Pick Justice leader Silvia Lopez.

UFW more careful after being caught promoting fake farmworker

The dying union seems more careful since Pick Justice exposed its promotion of a fake farmworker with a story to encourage UFW supporters to sign an electronic petition.

The wording of UFW’s fundraising page to bus “hundreds” of farmworkers to San Francisco never says the people are Gerawan workers – even though the protest is supposedly on behalf of workers at Gerawan Farming.

Singling out Gerawan, the employer, in its fundraising pitch, UFW tries to imply that a man might be a real Gerawan worker, but never comes out and says so. That man, who the UFW says is named Augustin, might or might not be a Gerawan worker. But the UFW wants readers to think he really is, without getting caught in another total lie. Here’s what UFW says about him:

“Agustin Garcia is one of the workers leading the fight to be able to work under a UFW contract at Gerawan.”

That isn’t the same thing as a real “Gerawan worker” leading the fight.

“He tells us, ‘I want to get on the bus to San Francisco to the California Supreme Court hearing. I want everyone to show up, pack the courthouse so they can see we are strong and we care and we will not give up.'”

He never says who “we” are. Doesn’t say Gerawan.

“We want our contract and the benefits to finally start. We’ve been fighting so long and Gerawan keeps using their money to delay. We need to show them we won’t go away or give up until we start getting the benefits and protections we deserve under the contract we voted for. Can you help me and other farm workers get on the bus?”

Still no flat-out statement that Agustin really works for Gerawan, or that he want help to send “other Gerawan farm workers” take a bus to San Francisco.

Meanwhile, the other farmworker identified by name in the UFW article, Amelia Ruiz, is plainly identified as a “Gallo of Sonoma wine worker.” Why did UFW word things so carefully to avoid calling Agustin – or anyone else – a “Gerawan worker”?

Another lie in the message

The UFW buries another lie in its message that it claims is from Agustin. It quotes Agustin as saying he hasn’t started “getting the benefits and protections we deserve under the contract we voted for.”

The truth is, Gerawan workers never voted for any UFW contract. They never had the chance.

The UFW walked out on settling a contract decades ago. Then it abandoned Gerawan workers for 20 years. To this day, Gerawan workers still have no contract. There was never any contract to vote for. Indeed, the only Gerawan farmworker vote relating to the UFW was the massive vote in 2013 to de-certify the UFW as their collective bargaining representative. The state ALRB supervised the vote, but to this day won’t allow the votes to be counted. Because if the ALRB counted the votes, the UFW would be officially de-certified. Which is one of the reasons for the September 5 Supreme Court hearing.

No UFW funding for Gerawan workers to join protest

The rest of the UFW text talks about “workers” going to the September 5 protest, but never says any “Gerawan workers” are going. Take a look:

“Workers have made it clear to us that they want to be part of this.”

“Can you help us take 6 busloads of workers to San Francisco to hear this case?”

“It will cost around $12,232 to rent the 6 buses and feed the workers a simple lunch — or $40.11 per person. Can you make sure Amelia [from Gallo of Sonoma], Agustin and hundreds of others get seats on a bus to the San Francisco hearing?”

The donation section doesn’t mention sending Gerawan workers at all.