UFW cheated workers – so each UFW member must pay $233

Every dues-paying member of the UFW is paying $233 of their dues money to reimburse UFW workers who the union leadership cheated.

A court settlement between the UFW and its employees – who were abused, cheated, and retaliated against for trying to start their own union – means that the $1,300,000 settlement must be paid with dues from the UFW’s remaining dues-paying members.

The UFW has only 5,580 dues-paying members left.

That means that each dues-paying member must pay $233 so that the UFW leadership can pay the workers’ restitution, lawyer’s fees and other expenses relating to the lawsuit. (1,300,000 dollars divided by 5,580 dues-paying members = $233 per member.)

The Los Angeles Times says that the UFW has 9,830 members – one-tenth of what it had under Cesar Chavez – but only 5,580 of them are dues-paying members covered under collective bargaining agreements. The rest are contract, seasonal, or retired members.