UFW chief laughs with Houweling CEO at big industry convention

UFW can’t get worker support, so it’s kissing up to farmers, who give something juicy in return.

United Farm Workers President Arturo Rodriguez acted like a big industry CEO at the Delaware-based Produce Marketing Association‘s #FreshSummit in Orlando, Florida last week.

Houweling’s Tomatoes let Arturo have a little squeeze, according to its Facebook page. In this picture, Arturo looks like he’s part of the industry now.

Who does the UFW represent now – the farmworkers? Or the produce industry. His picture tells the story.

Houweling’s is part of the UFW-backed “Equitable Food Initiative,” which is designed to marginalize the 99 percent of California farmworkers who won’t join the UFW.

fThe EFI is a Washington, D.C.-based lobby to help the UFW get money from industry, and to favor produce picked by the 1% of California farmworkers who are in the union, at the expense of the other 99%.