UFW features 2nd fake farmworker in 2 weeks

UFW is using yet another fake Gerawan farmworker to make its case in preparation for the September 5 Supreme Court hearing. The California Supreme Court is considering the constitutionality of the state being empowered to force UFW contracts on farmworkers.

As it begs for more money and people to fill six buses of protesters to the Supreme Court, the UFW posted an appeal from someone it says is a Gerawan worker who has been on the job for more than eight years.

“Agustin Pedro Pedro shares, ‘I’ve been a worker at La Prima, Gerawan Farming for more than 8 years,'” UFW says on a September 4 Facebook post.

That post is a lie.

We showed the Facebook post to our fellow Gerawan workers. Some remember “Augustin Pedro Pedro” with the face in the UFW post. He quit last spring. And, to everyone’s recollection who remembered him, he hadn’t been on the job for more than a year or two.

UFW pulled down August 23 post of fake farmworker

On August 23, UFW posted a story about a supposed Gerawan worker who wasn’t a Gerawan worker at all.

We were suspicious of what the worker was saying about our workplace. It just didn’t ring true.

So we researched it and found that the worker was fake.

We exposed the fraud on Twitter, and UFW pulled the post down by August 25.