UFW is ordered to tell Gerawan workers that it broke the law

The ALRB has ordered the UFW to sign a written notice admitting that it broke the law in harassing the Gerawan workers and lying to security officers to prevent the workers from being heard. The order, issued by ALRB Administrative Law Judge Mark R. Soble, directed the UFW to:


  • Sign a notice that Soble’s office had written, for translation into “appropriate languages” by an ALRB agent, and prepare copies to be mailed “individually to each and every agricultural worker employed by [Gerawan] during the time period of September 1, 2015 to September 16, 2015,” and submit the addressed and stamped envelopes to the ALRB for mailing;
  • “Provide copies of the Notice, in all appropriate languages, for posting at Gerawan for a sixty (60) day period”;
  • “Post copies of the Notice, in all appropriate languages, in conspicuous places in all of its UFW offices in the San Joaquin Valley” for 60 days, “and exercise due care to replace any Notice which has been altered, defaced, covered or removed;”
  • Pay any and all UFW employees for their time in complying with the court order; and
  • “ensure that all San Joaquin Valley-based UFW coordinators, organizers, and their immediate supervisors attend a training session” about the law;
  • “The UFW shall be required to compensate its employees at their regular rate for the time spent at this training.”

Click here for the full ruling: ALRB ruling that UFW broke the law

What the required notice says

Soble wrote the exact wording that the UFW must use in its notices admitting it had broken the law to harass Gerawan workers.

The first sentence of the notice says that the ALRB investigated the facts, the ALRB General Counsel “issued a complaint that we, the United Farm Workers of America, had violated the law.”

“After a hearing at which all parties had an opportunity to present evidence, the Board found that we did violate the Agricultural Labor Relations Act (“Act”) on September 9 2015 by directing or misleading private hotel security into excluding anti-UFW workers from attending an ALRB hearing on allowing ALRB staff access to the fields to educate farm workers on the Act,” the UFW admission says.