UFW made fake allegations to support a fake protest, but won’t talk to reporters

Strawberry workers say the United Farm Workers made fake allegations of unfair labor practices and staged a fake strike by people posing as local farm workers, but the UFW won’t talk to reporters.

The Herald and News interviewed workers at Cedar Point Nursery in Dorris, who said that the UFW “staged a demonstration at the property, protesting against unfair labor practices.” The UFW apparently used the fake protest to get the ALRB to intervene on its behalf.

Farmworkers said UFW’s allegations were phony

But the demonstrators weren’t real Cedar Point workers, and the unfair labor allegations were fake.

“Employees interviewed by Herald and News said they were unaware the union would be there that day and said claims of unfair working conditions were unfounded,” according to the Herald and News. That happened in 2015, and the UFW still won’t talk to reporters about it.

UFW is still hiding from reporters who ask

“On Facebook, UFW said the demonstration was a workers’ strike and listed the event among their organization’s successes during an annual conference in May of 2016. UFW has not returned repeated requests for comment from H&N,” the article said.