UFW spokesman says our concerns are a ‘bogus issue’

Gerawan workers who say that the UFW abandoned them for 20 years are pushing a “bogus issue,” UFW spokesman Marc Grossman says.

On the steps of the California Supreme Court, Grossman told California Ag Today that our complaints about the UFW have no merit. Yet he insists that the UFW is the true representative of Gerawan workers.

“Bogus issue,” UFW says.Grossman would not speak to Pick Justice outside the courthouse, even though he claims to represent all Gerawan workers. He watched our protest, walked right passed us, and waved to our camera.

Here’s what California Ag Today reported from the September 5 event, where we outnumbered real and fake farmworkers whom the UFW had bused in from all over California:

When asked to account for UFW abandonment of Gerawan farm workers, Grossman said, ‘Bogus issue! The UFW never abandoned the workers at Gerawan. It repeatedly attempted to negotiate with Gerawan. At every step, it was met with virulent resistance by the company. It became apparent that only a law that would allow neutral state mediators to be brought in to hammer out a union agreement when the grower refused to do so would be the only course, and we followed it.”

UFW keeps its fake narrative

Grossman stuck to the UFW’s fake narrative about us, ignoring the fact that we voted overwhelmingly in November, 2013 to de-certify the UFW as our collective bargaining representative. The state Agricultural Labor Relations Board (ALRB) suppressed the votes by never counting the ballots, thus ensuring that the UFW remain “certified” to represent us after having abandoned us for 20 years.

Representing a union that no longer represents farmworkers, Grossman spends the twilight of his career fighting farmworkers in court.Of course, the UFW abandoned us at Gerawan. It walked away from negotiations with our employer, and never engaged with us on anything. Grossman makes it look like only the company didn’t want the UFW. Pick Justice doesn’t speak for Gerawan, but we can certainly say that “the UFW was met with virulent resistance by the farmworkers.”

Then Grossman claims that “neutral state mediators” – the UFW activists who staff and run the Agricultural Labor Relations Board – would come in and “hammer out a union agreement” with the employer, but says nothing about us.

By ignoring us workers – again – Grossman is going along with the ALRB-UFW strategy to prevent our de-certification votes from being counted to give UFW the flimsy legal fig leaf it needs to “represent” us, then to have the state force a UFW contract on us without allowing us to vote for it, vote against it, or strike against it.

Yet the UFW insists on saying that our concerns are “bogus.”

Further proof that this is all about control of farmworkers, and not representation for them.