UFW still can’t name ANY real Gerawan workers who support its claims

Despite claiming to speak for thousands of Gerawan farmworkers, the UFW can’t name ANY who actually support the union.

Last week, Pick Justice exposed the UFW for using a fake Gerawan worker as the personality to promote a petition to grocery stores. When we exposed the fake worker on Twitter, UFW pulled down its story, then put up a modified story with the fake worker’s name and picture taken out.

UFW still can’t find a real Gerawan worker to speak for the union to support the petition. The petition appeal just makes generalities and unsubstantiated claims, without mentioning any real worker.

As we write, UFW is raising money to send hundreds of “workers” to San Francisco on September 5, to protest outside the state Supreme Court.

In that fundraising campaign, UFW uses another person to imply that he’s a Gerawan worker, without actually stating clearly that he is. Even though the same campaign clearly states that another farmworker is with Gallo wine operations, unrelated to Gerawan.

So the UFW can’t even find an absolutely real Gerawan farmworker to advocate raising money to bus people up to the Supreme Court.

Even worse, UFW isn’t busing real Gerawan workers to the September 5 event. It’s simply raising money to bus in “workers” in general – but not Gerawan workers, whose fate is to be decided in the Supreme Court case.

All of this shows that the UFW doesn’t really represent Gerawan workers, and that Gerawan workers don’t support the UFW at all.

On top of the UFW’s catastrophic 90 percent-plus decline in membership, and the ALRB’s own figures that the UFW represents less than 1 percent of California farmworkers, it’s clear that the UFW has outlived its usefulness to help farmworkers, and is now just a fundraising machine has-been members of the Chavez family and their friends.