United Fake Workers: How UFW uses falsehoods to push its agenda

United Fake Workers is a new website that briefly explains how the UFW uses falsehoods to advance its agenda.

A project of Pick Justice, UnitedFakeWorkers.com shows how the UFW deceives the public – including its own supporters.

The UFW uses falsehoods and lies to push its policy goals, its fundraising activity, its street protester recruitment drives, and its public petitions to get merchants to pressure those who provide fresh produce.

UFW aims its falsehood campaigns against employers as well as farmworkers who don’t want be forced to join the syndicate.

UnitedFakeWorkers.com also tells, in brief, how to recognize fake farmworkers at UFW protests and marches.

The features may be recognizable to readers of PickJustice.com. They’re nice and compact to show that the UFW can’t afford the truth any more.