Unqualified: Hall’s record shows no experience for ALRB position

“As longtime chair of the governmental organization committees in both houses, Hall oversaw gambling and alcohol policy, and he repeatedly pursued legislation to require porn performers to wear condoms,” the Sacramento Bee reports.

“He was not was a leader on agricultural issues at the Capitol; only about half a percent of the workers in his former Senate district worked in agriculture, forestry, fishing, hunting and mining, according to the U.S. Census,” the Bee says.

“Other than water policy, nothing suggests he dealt head on with agricultural issues. Prior to serving in the state legislature, Hall was an elected member of the Compton school board and city council. According to the Southern California Association of Governments, the ag industry makes up 0.4% of the Compton workforce as of 2013,” GV Wire reports.

Hall replaces the angry William Gould B. IV on the ALRB. Gould resigned on January 13. Four-term ALRB member Genevieve Shiroma is the new ALRB chair. Shiroma is controversial because of her own conflicts of interest.