Why is UFW organizing in foreign countries, when it stopped organizing in California?

Dues-paying members of the United Farm Workers ought to ask union president Arturo Rodriguez what he’s doing with the 3 percent of their salary that the UFW takes out of their paychecks.

They might ask, “Why is the UFW organizing people in Nicaragua, when it stopped organizing in California?”

Earlier this year, California Agricultural Labor Relations Board Chairman William Gould lamented that union organizing had “completely disappeared” in the state’s many farms.

Farmworkers have been paying Arturo Rodriguez’s UFW salary for 44 years – since 1972 – and what does he have to show for it?

Yet even though it stopped organizing in California fields, the UFW has increased its organizing in foreign countries.

Why is that?

Why is the UFW teaming up with companies that exploit people in super-low-wage countries like Nicaragua, where the average farmworker earns only $5 per day, yet the UFW is pushing for only $7.50 a day?

What is the UFW doing – for real – to stand up for California farmworkers?

And why is it fighting against California farmworkers who figured out that the UFW is doing nothing for them, and who voted to de-certify the useless union?

Even an ALRB judge chided the UFW for lying about its “smallness.” This is beyond a joke. This is a crime.